Standard in-lab turn-time: 3 Days

New Product!

The first dental CAD/CAM hybrid ceramic on the market, Vita Enamic® features traditional ceramics completely integrated with polymers. The result is highly esthetic restorations more durable than conventional ceramics thanks to the elasticity provided by its polymer network. Available in two levels of translucency and five Vita system 3D-Master shades, it’s a cutting-edge restorative material.

A CAD/CAM substitute for traditional PFM, Enamic® can be used for anterior and posterior crowns, crowns over implants and bridges of up to fourteen units. The superior reliability of VITA ENAMIC®, as well as its precision, edge stability and corresponding milling accuracy are also excellent features. Finally, this tooth-colored hybrid material offers material properties that are almost identical to those of natural teeth, ensuring a natural play of colors thanks to its excellent light conductivity.

The ideal preparation for is a chamfer margin preparation. If a porcelain labial margin is prescribed, then a shoulder margin preparation is required.

Feather-edge margin preparations are indicated for full-cast restorations.

  • Resin Ionomer cement (RelyX or RelyX Unicem, 3M ESPE)
  • Maxcem Elite (Kerr)
  • Panavia F 2.0 (Kuraray) -ideal for short, tapered preparations
  • Glass ionomer cement (GC Fuji, GC America)

If an adjustment is required on the ceramic, use a fine diamond with water and air to keep the crown cool.

To contour the ceramic, polish with a pink rubber wheel and diamond polishing paste (Brasseler, Shofu, Vident).

  • D2740 Crown – porcelain / ceramic substrate